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Meet People. Meet Jesus. Meet You.

Your best days are not in the past; your best days are not in the future. Your best days are inside your spirit.

Benjamin Ndubuisi

Upcoming Events

Youth Ablaze
Youth Ablaze
The ultimate conference designed to empower young minds to embrace their potential and make a significant impact in a changing world.
13 Aug 2023, 11:30 – 15:30
Portland St, Manchester M1 4PH, UK

The Word

What is Grace? 


Grace is that place of influence/positioning, which causes a man to always have the advantage (2Cor12v9-10); it is manifestation of the beauty, glory and excellence of God in a man's life causing him to produce God-kind of results (Rom5v17).

Grace is a dispensation of God's calendar during which specific things are authorised to happen that would otherwise not (Eph3v1-2).

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